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Welcome to Pest HQ! Your online source for a complete range of pest control products.

Pest HQ was created to meet the needs of the Canadian homeowner or tenant/renter who wants to control their pest problem on their own, the "Do It Yourselfer".   There is always the DIY person who wants to save money.  That’s great, but if not done properly you may be making an easy problem worse. 

Where can you turn for solutions that make sense?  Pest HQ. We have it all, from naturally derived insecticides, to snap traps, glue boards and live traps. 

But it is just as important to supply the knowledge required to do this properly…and legally!  You can always go to the major online retailer, or to the big box stores, but when you have a question or concern who do you ask?  Here you can find out what pest you have, why they are bugging you, and how to make them go away and never return…hopefully!

You might need help in knowing what insect is causing the bites on your arm or chewing a hole in your clothes.  You may want to know your safer or other options, besides just an aerosol can of bug spray or a plastic bait station.

Did you know that when some insects are sprayed with a pesticide they actually increase in population?  That a carpenter ant can travel the length of a football field in search or food?  And that there are some insect and wildlife problems that really require a Professional Pest Control company, or you risk injury, property damage or both.

 Pest HQ is run by pest control professionals that have over 100 years combined experience in dealing with pest control products on all levels.  We’ve written hundreds of articles on Insect ID, monitoring, inspection and control available for your pest problem.  Just as importantly, we have a direct, long-term relationship with the leading suppliers in the business, who we gladly support.

You are on a mission, and need the road map, resources and products to get you to your goal, a pest free environment. 

Trust Pest HQ to be there when you need it!




Pest HQ will build the greatest customer satisfaction and enthusiasm through:

• Innovative product offerings.

• Insect identification and in-depth resources to help you distinguish which pest you are dealing with.

• Affordable quality and timely delivery.

• Proper stewardship of all products.

• Our foremost focus is the well-being of our customers.


We offer the highest quality products available to the consumer from the most reputable manufacturers around the globe. From insects to rodents, if you have a pest problem, Pest HQ is your solution!


Pest HQ is committed to helping Canadians tackle unwanted pests. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, one way or another, you will run into pests at some point.

Protect your biggest investment.

Whether you own your own home, are renting or are managing properties - we are here to provide the largest ONE STOP SHOP in Pest Control. We are dedicated to educating Canadians on all things Prevention, Inspection and Elimination.

We are very proud to offer Natural products