DIY Pest Control Tip #1

Prevention is the 1st step in making sure you keep pests out.

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DIY Pest Control Tip #2

Inspection is key when it comes to knowing which pest you are dealing with. Find out HOW!

DIY Pest Control Tip #3

Control. Discover the most effective ways to be done with pests for good.

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This spring, be tick aware.

Warm temperatures are increasing the tick populations.

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What do carpenter ants eat?

Carpenter ants like different kinds of food at different times of the year.

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Top ant control products

Because, let's face it, the sight of ants scurrying in and around your home

is not exactly appealing. Ants can be such a nuisance and even worse,

some species can even damage your home!

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Wasp & Hornet Control

The first step in wasp & hornet control is to properly identify the insect and find the nesting site!

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Spider Control

Canada is home to over 14,000 species of spiders. The majority are typically harmless. Learn about how to prevent, identify, control and when you need to be concerned.

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